The Bothy

Nestled in the heart of the serene New Forest, The Bothy emerges as a pinnacle of tranquility and comfort, offering guests an unparalleled escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This meticulously maintained cottage combines the warmth of traditional hospitality with the luxury of modern amenities, making it an ideal sanctuary for those seeking solace amidst nature.

The Bothy


A Haven of Peace and Comfort

At The Bothy, every detail is thoughtfully curated to enhance your stay. From the moment you arrive, the cottage welcomes you into a world where every convenience has been considered. The living space, bathed in natural light, offers a cosy ambiance that instantly makes you feel at home. The cottage’s layout is designed to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that guests enjoy both comfort and privacy.

Impeccable Accommodation

The Bothy prides itself on its immaculate condition. The living area, furnished with plush seating, invites you to unwind as you gaze out onto the verdant landscape. The bedroom, featuring a sumptuous bed with high-quality linens, ensures a restful night’s sleep. Despite its idyllic setting, the cottage is equipped with modern essentials, including a fully fitted kitchen and a luxurious bathroom, catering to your every need.

The Charm of the Outdoors

The beauty of The Bothy extends beyond its interior. The cottage is enveloped by lush gardens and overlooks an enchanting orchard, offering guests a private slice of paradise. Whether you choose to dine al fresco on the patio or explore the surrounding fields, the natural beauty of the area is always at your doorstep. Wildlife enthusiasts will be delighted by frequent visits from local deer and the picturesque views of horses grazing nearby.

Unrivalled Hospitality

The Bothy’s owners, Bill and Valerie, embody the essence of hospitality. Their attention to detail and dedication to guest comfort are evident throughout the cottage. From ensuring the wood burner is lit for your return after a day’s exploration to offering helpful advice about the local area, their efforts make your stay truly memorable.

A Location Second to None

Situated in the New Forest, The Bothy serves as the perfect base for exploring the vast landscapes and attractions the region has to offer. Whether it’s hiking through ancient woodlands, cycling along scenic routes, or visiting the charming towns nearby, the cottage’s location allows you to fully immerse yourself in the natural and cultural richness of the area.

An Invitation to Tranquility

The Bothy is more than just a place to stay; it’s a retreat where you can reconnect with nature, rejuvenate your spirit, and create lasting memories. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful getaway or an adventure in the great outdoors, The Bothy offers the perfect blend of comfort, charm, and hospitality.

Join us at The Bothy, where every stay is an opportunity to experience the unparalleled beauty of the New Forest in a cottage that feels like your own private haven. Book your escape today and discover the magic that awaits.

The Bothy stands as a testament to the allure of the New Forest, offering a retreat that is both intimate and inviting. With its exceptional accommodation, captivating surroundings, and the warmest of welcomes, The Bothy is not just a destination but a cherished experience, promising a stay that is as unforgettable as the landscape it resides in.

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